10 Films That Reflect London’s Multicultural Nature


Written for The Culture Trip website, a piece about 10 films that reflect multicultural London.


“The Road: A Story of Life & Death by Marc Isaacs (2012)

‘The Road’ in the title is the A5, which started off as a Roman trade route and joins Holyhead and Marble Arch, culminating in the Edgware Road. In this documentary, Marc Isaacs follows immigrants who have ended up somewhere along the Edgware Road. He even shows the Cricklewood Bingo hall, a dispiriting building where people flock to for company rather than just for the lure of the game. The film is poignant and the intimacy of the portraits brings to mind the work of Raymond Depardon. Showing us figures such as Buddhist monks, new and established Irish immigrants and travelers from Kashmir, this is a very multicultural film.”

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