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Romany Gypsies


An essay about the Romany Gypsies and their current situation in Europe, here on Litro.



Photo by Ronan Duffaud
Photo by Ronan Duffaud

“The Santacon will be treated the next day with indulgence by the British press as a celebration of Christmas cheer. A few clashes with the police and their habit of relieving themselves all over central London are apparently forgiven. Not so with the Gypsies, who will probably wake to yet another police check.

There is something grand in the way this group of Romany Gypsies settled their makeshift camp in Park Lane. They chose one of the best London postcodes, something the Daily Mail was quick to point out, as though they were depriving someone else of the privilege. A group of purely English squatters, maybe, that was ogling the same spot? The press reported that Westminster Council was unable to evict the rough sleepers as they were generally not breaking immigration laws – Romanian nationals are allowed three-month visas to the UK. Much was made of the Gypsies’ unhygienic lifestyle, as though this was a symbol of their culture polluting the fragrant streets of Park Lane. (…)”